Andy Ruff

An Original Bloomington Progressive

A Leader — A Progressive — A Commitment


Andy At a Glance

One of Bloomington’s most dedicated public servants is asking for your vote in 2019. Originally a city planner and professional, Andy was elected an at-large councilperson as a young man in 1999. His history reveals a track record of progressive accomplishments including:

Councilman Ruff embodies what makes Bloomington so unique. You can find him around around town with his family, commuting with his bike, performing with his band, and on the ballot May 7th!

My Biography

Bloomington has been home all my life. I’m 100% committed to protecting our community character, natural environment, and well-being for all who call Bloomington home. This is why I first chose to run for City Council at-large, why I have run for re-election in the past, and why I am running to serve the community again today. I’ve been fortunate to have served since 2000, including being named as Council president 3 times and vice-president 4 times.

I was raised in Bloomington and brought up both of my children (Anna and Hank) here.  Additionally, my parents still reside full-time in Bloomington. I married a Hoosier gal from Avon, IN, who decided after living 14 years in the Boston area that Bloomington was the only place in the Hoosier state that offered the cultural amenities and progressive social and political environment that she sought.

Going for term 6.

Going for term 6.

Andy Ruff,
Council Member at Large

I graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, with a BS in natural resources.  Afterwards, I completed secondary level teaching certification the IU School of Education, and later earned a master’s degree in Public Administration from SPEA at IU.

In addition to serving multiple terms on the City Council I have been a high school teacher, worked for over a decade in the Monroe County Planning Department, worked as Special Projects Outreach Coordinator in Congressman Baron Hill’s Bloomington Office, and am currently working as an academic advisor at Indiana University in the College of Arts & Sciences.

I’m proud of the progressive work I have accomplished on the Council to advance Bloomington in a progressive direction. Together we’ve made this city an even better community with enhanced livability and greater opportunity for all residents.  From developing and ushering through Indiana’s only living wage ordinance in 2005, to working to promote and develop Bloomington as a more bike and pedestrian friendly sustainable community, to approaching all land development and business subsidy proposals with a healthy skepticism, to seeing that organized labor was formally included as a community partner in the larger formula to make Bloomington a stronger community in the 2018 Bloomington Comprehensive Plan, I have worked continuously for progressive values and initiatives to make Bloomington better.


Bloomington At-Large

Bloomingtonians are more and more concerned about the effects of physical growth in our community—the loss of greenspace, increases in traffic and congestion, out-of-scale large buildings, and the long-term effects of growth on our environment.

As your At-Large representative on the Bloomington Common Council, I pledge to continue working to:

  1. Preserve our environment and quality of life and focus on sustainability;

  2. Continue to invest community resources and funds wisely;

  3. Promote policies that create quality jobs and locally-owned businesses; and

  4. Continue to encourage citizen involvement.

  5. View legislation and policies through the lens of climate change impacts and economic inequality.

In my past terms, I’ve worked to make Bloomington’s local government more accessible and accountable, created processes for meaningful public input, and listened to your concerns. For example I worked hard to get the Citizen’s Advisory Committee a voting seat on the Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee (MPO) against the preferences of a former City Administration. In 2018 I brought together a diverse group from labor and other representatives from working families to get their ideas about the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update and to help get their ideas translated into proposed amendments to the City’s Plan that were eventually adopted into the formal plan by the Council.

Together, we’ve accomplished much, but there’s always important work that needs to be done and progress that we can make as a community. I promise to apply my knowledge of Bloomington and years of experience to dig into the issues, ask tough questions, and bring transparency to decision making as we build a better Bloomington!


A Bloomington Original Representing the Character of Bloomington.


"I admire Andy because he never stops fighting for what he, the Democratic Party, and the people of Bloomington believe in. A vote for Andy is a vote for a future we will be proud of."

— Dan Combs, Former Monroe County Democratic Party Chairman

I’ve brought progressive policies to Bloomington for 20 years, I’m excited to continue this commitment.
— Andy Ruff, Bloomington Council Member At-Large